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The (RIN) Letter/ Declaration is notarized document submitted to The Ministry of Transportation / Service Ontario in order to register a vehicle in the name of a business or a corporation. RIN is a 9 digit number used to identify the business (sole proprietorship, partnership) or a corporation within Ontario's motor vehicle registration system allowing you to obtain a permit and a license plate.

Only corporate and business vehicles need a RIN. Once it is obtained, a single RIN can be re-used to register multiple vehicles belonging to a business or corporation. 

Reliance Notary Public will attest to your identification, authenticate the business’s papers, and attach the Notarial Seal to your The Registrant Identification Number (RIN) Letter.

For more information on obtaining a RIN, please visit Register a vehicle (permit and licence plate) | at Service Ontario website.


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Reliable Document Notarization Services 
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Get Your Document Notarized Fast In less then 15 minutes
$40.00 for in person notarization
$40.00 for online notary
Starting from $75.00 for drafting services

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Fully secure with encrypted digital signatures and audit log.

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