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Our In Person Notary service is designed to provide an easy and secure way for you to have your important documents notarized. Our experienced notaries will ensure that all of your paperwork is properly completed and signed, giving you peace of mind that it is all done correctly.

Whether you need notary services for certified true copies, affidavits, statutory declarations, letters of invitation, consent to travel, wills and power of attorneys, separation agreement or other important documents, we are here to help.



Book an Appointment


At Reliance Notary Public, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we offer convenient and flexible scheduling for all of our notary services. Simply book an appointment with us and we will ensure that your documents are notarized efficiently and reliably. 

Our office is located at Islington Ave & Bloor St. W. in Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 4Y1.

You may also contact us via email at for your inquiries or concerns.

Please read INSTRUCTIONS prior to coming to our office for faster transactions at affordable quoted fees.


Fees are determined by the number of notary signatures or seals, not the number of pages, documents or people signing.

The number of times we are required to sign is determined by you and the recipient of your document, not by us.

Our fees are non inclusive of GST/HST

In Person Notary
First Notary Seal/Signature: $40.00
Additional notary seal/signature: $30.00
Online Notary
First Notary Seal/Signature: $40.00
Additional notary seal/signature: $30.00
Drafting Services
Prince range from $75.00
Fee include draft
ing and notary seal/signature
See full price list for drafting services

We accept cash or online payments with debit & credit cards.

Instructions for In Person Notarization:


     Must bring a valid ID with photo and signature (driver’s license, passport, or citizenship card);

     Bring the photocopy and the original document(s) and present it to the Notary;

     All documents must be completed (except for the date and signature) prior to the appointment                   (fill  in forms, enter ID numbers, attach photographs, if required, etc.);

     Do NOT sign or date the documents before seeing the Notary.​

     We cannot notarize or commission declarations unless the person signing the document appears                before us.

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