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At Reliance Notary Public, we understand the importance of efficient and professional document services. That's why we offer a variety of notarial services, including certified copies, affidavits, statutory declarations, invitation letters, consent to travel, and more, all at affordable rates. 

Our notary is a licensed paralegal in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario and is registered with Global Affairs Canada and Official Document Services (“ODS”).

Please be aware that we are not attorneys and do not provide legal services, legal advice, or representation. Our services are strictly limited to notarizing documents, administering oaths, and affirmations.

Notary Public Services
We Are Online 24/7


Fees are determined by the number of notary signatures or seals, not the number of pages, documents or people signing.

The number of times we are required to sign is determined by you and the recipient of your document, not by us.

In Person Notary
First Notary Seal/Signature: $40.00
Additional notary seal/signature: $30.00
Online Notary
First Notary Seal/Signature: $40.00
Additional notary seal/signature: $30.00
Drafting Services
Prince range from $75.00
Fee include draft
ing and notary seal/signature

We accept cash or online payments with debit & credit cards.

Book an Appointment

At Reliance Notary Public, we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer extended hours and weekend availability to fit your busy schedule. Book an appointment today and let us take care of all your notary needs.
Our office is located on Islington Ave & Bloor St. W. in  Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 4Y1.

You may also contact us via email at for your inquiries or concerns.

Please read INSTRUCTIONS prior to in person or online notary service for faster transactions at affordable quoted fees.



You must have two valid government-issued pieces of identification with a photo, signature and address. 

Examples of acceptable ID include, Provincial Driver’s License, Passports, Permanent Resident Card, Citizenship Card, First Nations Card, Age of Majority Cards (e.g. the Ontario Photo Card), Health Card (as a second piece of ID only), Government Employee Photo Cards, etc.

Do not sign or date your document in advance as it must be done in the presence of the notary public. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a person who witnesses oaths, signs affidavits and certifies documents to be true copies of the original. 

In Ontario, the practice of notarizing is governed by the Notaries Act.

How long is a notarized document valid for in Canada?

A notarized document does not expire.

Who is a Commissioner of Oaths?

A commissioner of oath is a person who can administer oaths, affidavits, declarations, and affirmations in accordance with the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act.

Can a notary public refuse to notarize a document?

A notary public can refuse to notarize a document if they have reason to believe the signer does not understand the document, is being coerced, or if the signer’s identification cannot be verified. Additionally, if the document appears to be fraudulent, incomplete, or if the notary public is not qualified to notarize the specific type of document, they may also refuse to notarize it.

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